Tesseract Workshop

Welcome to Tesseract Workshop.

A tesseract, also called a hypercube, is a four-dimensional body made up out of eight cubical cells. To construct a tesseract is a feat of some impossibility in our three-dimensional perception of reality. So naturally, to underline the quadrature of the circle every design task demands in regards to the wishes of the customer, the expectations of the consumer, and the technical feasability, it seemed a fitting trade name for my creations.

My name is Fabian Müller. I am located in Starnberg near Munich in Germany. After designing and developing on various occasions since 2000, I found myself in need of a proper place to showcase my work. With this website, you have found this place.

If my work awakens your interest and you are in need of a design-related task being executed with an eye for quality, accessibility and timelessness, please feel free to contact me.