Tesseract Workshop

Cartography / Schematics

Schematics »Statistiken der Piraten-IT«

As part of a donation campaign aiming to gather 250.000 Euros for the Pirate Party’s technical infrastructure the following schematics were desired to illustrate in bold visualizations the workload the existing infrastructure had to stem on a daily basis.

Mailserver workload Pirate pads Server requests Pirate wiki usage

Map of London in the 19th century

This map of London in the 19th century with particular focus on its administrative borders was created as frontispiece for a school essay. The descriptive title imitates the typographic aberrations characteristic for the late Victorian era. The map data was mostly derived from contemporary publications.

Cover Introduction Content Map


The purpose of creating this map of fantasy islands was to train the creation of shaded reliefs. Using various techniques, a result far clearer and more recognizable than the output of traditional computer-generated shaded relief could be achieved.