Tesseract Workshop


Brochure »Olympiapark München«

The Brochure »Friedensblüten – Stätten des Gedenkens im Olympiapark« was created as part of a university assignment and sets various memorials along the Olympic Park in Munich in relation to their historic context. To match the gravitas of the subject, an anthrazit background was chosen. Titles in cyan act as a stark and lively contrast and pair off well with the mostly green-toned images.

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Four-monthly magazine »Starnberger Hefte«

The four-monthly magazine »Starnberger Hefte« features scientific articles, lyric and prose with context to the city of Starnberg and its surroundings by a changing cast of authors. The variety of content poses a challenge for a unifying layout, so big margins and a characteristic typography were chosen. An issue has about eighty pages and revolves around a central theme like »ghosts«, »paths«, or »inbetween«.

Ekke Steglich als Künstler und Lehrer Wenn Blätter fallen Der Starnberger Schülerstreik von 1972 Fremdartige Intimität – Rétif de la Bretonne